Asolo and Possagno route

START: By train from Mogliano Veneto to Treviso

FINISH: Possagno

ROUTES: Treviso centro – Ostiglia – Muson dei Sassi – Asolo – Possagno

LENGTH: 80 km

DIFFICULTY: intermediate

The Treviso to Possagno cycle route is a perfect option for experienced cyclists who want to test themselves on an intermediate level route. Departure is from Treviso, through the hills of Ostiglia, passing the Muson dei Sassi river. After passing through Ostiglia, we continue on to Asolo, a town renowned for its scenic beauty, churches and historic buildings. The route then continues to Possagno, a small village at the foot of Monte Grappa, where you can admire the Canova Temple, dedicated to the famous sculptor Antonio Canova. The route is challenging but at the same time very rewarding, through the landscapes of the Veneto countryside and the pre-alpine mountains. It is advisable to be physically prepared and equipped with a bicycle suitable for this type of route.

It is possible to book a transfer back to Mogliano Veneto.